In Development

Necroland : Battle Royale   

"Necroland: Battle Royale" is a multiplayer game on PC and mobile platform that player should survive until one player is left. Players can control their own 'Alpha' unit, turn undead wandering around the 'Taming Skill' into an ally, Warrior, and increase their number of troops. You have to fight off all the enemies you meet, moving away from the harmful gases.

Mobile Games

Veil Of Darkness   

"Veil of Darkness" is an accessible Roguelike RPG, with players simply advancing forward to clear stages. Use items and level up to beat strong bosses and gain big rewards. Go on an adventure to find the right weapons and defense equipment made for you.


"Berserk" is Idle RPG Game. You can't stop the powerful monsters just by protecting the village. Protect the village and defeat the boss monster. If you defeat the wave of monsters 5 times, you clear the stage. The Berserk's Fatal Blow is very powerful, but it drains your HP.

Miracle Chef   

Our story starts as He heads for the big city with big dream, but the cold attitudes of the big city force him to return to his hometown. He finds a mixer sitting in his house and it suddenly starts spitting out food. Merge two similar food in to make a new one.