Veil of Darkness

- Game Name : Veil of Darkness

- Download : Game Download

- Developer : JANUS

- Release(Global) : November 4, 2018

- Website :

- Gameplay(Youtube) :

- Platforms : Android

- Languages : English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese, Thai

- Features

You must safely make it to the portal to gain your rewards.

Never a boring moment, stages change every time.

Stay on your toes! Monsters get stronger at night.

Go for it! Skip the portals to go further and gain a bigger prize.

Show your personality with your character and new equipment.

- Description

"Veil of Darkness: Roguelike RPG" is an accessible action RPG, with players simply advancing forward to clear stages. Use items and level up to beat strong bosses and gain big rewards. Go on an adventure to find the right weapons and defense equipment made for you.

- Assets