- Game Name : Berserk

- Download : Game Download

- Developer : JANUS

- Release(Global) : November 4, 2018

- Website :

- Gameplay(Youtube) :

- Platforms : Android

- Languages : English, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Vietnamese, Thai

- Features

The Berserk's Fatal Blow is very powerful, but it drains your HP.

If you defeat the wave of monsters 5 times, you clear the stage.

Every time you defeat a wave of monsters, you can choose one useful Reward Card.

Challenge the Soul Tower and gain the Soul Stone.

Battle skillfully by using Scrolls, Pets, and Artifacts.

- Description

Berserk is Idle RPG Game. You can't stop the powerful monsters just by protecting the village. Protect the village and defeat the boss monster.

- Assets